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Do I need a permit, and if so, what kind of permit?
The Michigan Department of Public Health requires a well permit for each new well construction site or replacement well drilled. This must be obtained before drilling procedures can begin, and may be purchased at your local health department. Please call for pricing and information needed to fill out the forms.
How long does it take to complete a well?
It normally takes between one and three days to complete a well, depending primarily on the depth of the well and the distance of the pump installation.
What warranties are provided?
All parts and labor are warranted for one year from the date of installation. Pumps have different warranties depending on the brand, but most carry a two-year manufacturer's warranty. Tanks carry a five-year manufacturer's warranty.
Please keep in mind that the manufacturer warranty does not include the service call to repair or replace the pump or tank beyond one year.
What size of well do I need?
The 5-inch well is the standard and most cost-effective size for residential installations. We also drill 6-inch and 8-inch wells for commercial and irrigation installations.
How do you price a well installation?
When bidding a job for a new or replacement well, we break the cost down into five different categories.
  1. The drilling and casing of a rock well is a flat rate up to 160 feet. There is a per-foot charge on any depth over 160 feet. A screen well has a flat rate up to 80 feet and a per-foot charge on any depth after 80 feet.
  2. The grouting of a new well is required by state law and has a flat-rate charge.
  3. Well permits obtained by us range according to individual health department pricing. Each county has its own health department.
  4. Abandonment of existing wells with pitless adapters have a flat-rate charge. If the old well does not have a pitless adapter, or we do not locate it during the hookup procedure, then there is an hourly rate charge.
  5. Pump installation cost can vary depending on pump size, distance and tank location.
How can I tell if my well needs replacing?
Look for these clues that may indicate you need a new well:
  • Pump kicks on and off without using water.
  • Pump runs continuously.
  • Discoloration of water.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Water around well head (primarily on 2-inch wells).
How do we choose a new well location?
Wells must be drilled a specific distance from any source of contamination and underground storage tanks. They cannot be installed near overhead electric or telephone lines.
What is chlorination?
Chlorination helps disinfect the well. We chlorinate after each installation.

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